Hi, I am Natalia Akst, a Chef by Nature, biohacker and qualitarian by lifestyle, and founder of two projects TheThorough.co (dessert company) and TheThorough.life (savory food from scratch, prepping, lifehacks, and more).

I have been cooking since I was 5 (what I recall), on my very own since I was 15, and have been passionate about food and nutrition since my early 20s when I started a fitness career. Meet my 20 years + experience supported by modern research as I am staying in the loop of innovations and making adjustments to a diet and recipes as it goes!

After graduation, I also worked at Norwegian Cruise Lines in the restaurant department (Master in Psychology). Hence, I am well aware of the restaurant business and have been working as a bee since then. In 2020 I completed the Harvard Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science course (chemistry, – was my favorite subject at school along with math) to neat my knowledge.

Whether you choose to buy a dessert from TheThorough.co – that you will not find anywhere else, or join my cooking class at TheThorough.life – I will make sure to provide you with the best quality ingredients and the latest nutrition research.

Ask me, how I can be in nutrition and still making desserts. Well, here is my answer!

Life without sweets is possible but not realistic, right?! The same pertains to pasta… Yes, I use sugar (organic), and wheat flour (organic), yet, I offer a menu that can benefit your body (look into lectin and refined sugar-free). There are NO artificial colors whatsoever, Mother Nature only! I am a proud designer of one-of-a-kind signature cakes, made with 100% organic lectin-free powders.

If you follow some nutritional principles or an organic lifestyle I understand you will not want to have a cake loaded with “periodic table” ingredients (I call it) or artificial colors that affect your gut microbiome. I’ve got you covered, I do the best I can and know, and am always open to your suggestions and open-minded to what is happening in the world of science!

@ Natalia Akst