Pastry & Bonbons

NEW! Chocolate Popsicles

Loaded with fiber, good fats, and polyphenols! Why not?! The idea was to make a good school snack, but popsicles look so cute they can complement any party or brighten a weekday! Pick the one you like, or try them all! Made with the best Belgian chocolate, organic strawberries, and coconut, 100% organic Japanese matcha green tea powder.

Dark & White chocolate is $3.5 each, minimum 6

Matcha & Strawberries $4 each, minimum 6

Chocolate Truffles

Bestseller and a great treat to have in your freezer/ fridge just in case! Made with 70% dark Belgian chocolate (containing NO palm or vegetable oil), organic coconut cream, and natural cocoa powder (NOT processed with alkali). Our truffles are always vegan. Why? Chocolate is not just sweet. This is an excellent source of polyphenols (antioxidants). However, truffles made with dairy become a “comfort food” because casein protein binds polyphenol molecules and balances them out. Chemistry lesson, but valuable, right? A refined sugar-free option is also available.

$15 per dozen

Photo by Olga Chagarov

One of our favorite desserts, and we call it “Chocolate Potato.

A mix of signature chocolate sponge cake, brewed from scratch caramel and chocolate ganache. Delicately sweet and tender dessert for any occasion. Win-win for pastries!

$5 each, minimum 8

Matcha Cup “Energy Boost”

With this matcha cup, you are guaranteed to get a boost of energy for the whole day! Signature dark chocolate truffle cream wrapped in a crunchy matcha chocolate cup.

$5 each, minimum 8

Honey lovers, meet our very unique “Honey Comb” pastries!

A mix of honey cake and vanilla cream. Delicate in flavor, sweet, tender, yet crumbly Honey Combs are decorated with ganache cream.

$5 each, minimum 8

This is our “Matcha-Raspberry Cup”

Rich in color and flavor, matcha chocolate ganache is wrapped into a crispy dark chocolate cup decorated with freeze-dried raspberries.

$5 each, minimum 8

“Chocolate Truffle Cup”

Our signature truffle cream is wrapped into a crispy dark chocolate cup decorated with freeze-dried strawberries.

$5 each, minimum 8

Vanilla Bonbons with Berry Ganache

Our very own berry ganache is made from scratch under white chocolate crisp coat decorated with dry roses.

$5 each, minimum 8

Strawberry Bonbons with Truffle Cream

We hide signature truffle cream inside the crisp white coat decorated with freeze-dried strawberries.

$5 each, minimum 8

Raspberry Bonbons with Matcha

Raspberry ganache under white chocolate coat generously sprinkled with matcha powder—a delicate sour-bitter-sweet combination for matcha lovers.

$5 each, minimum 8