This is not just a cookie, but a dessert that can make you feel better in many ways.

All cookies are gluten-free and lectin-free! Most have vegan and refined sugar-free options.

Made with almond flour, pasture-raised eggs, and grass-fed butter.

You may want to have some in your fridge or freezer just in case because you never know when the sweet tooth comes out and you need to have a decent treat!



Amaretti Cookies

Crunchy outside and chewy inside, these Italian cookies made with almond flour are a great addition to a champagne party or buffet chable.

$20 per dozen, two dozen minimum

Blue Sky Amaretti Cookies Classic

A version of Amaretti cookies made with organic blue butterfly pea flower tea for a bunch of antioxidants, energy boost, mood enhancement, increased productivity at work, perfect blue color, and much more!

$24 per dozen, two dozen minimum

Matcha Boost Cookies Classic

The special edition is for matcha lovers! Those pretty green almond cookies combine rich matcha and delicate vanilla flavor. Made with 100% organic Japanese matcha green tea.

$24 per dozen, two dozen minimum

Chocolate Cookies with Matcha Cream

Those cookies are too pretty to eat! However, enjoy the ultimate energy boost with new chocolate-matcha cookies sprinkled with raspberry or strawberry, made with Belgian chocolate, pasture-rased eggs, and grass-fed butter.

$5.5 each, dozen minimum

Chocolate Cookies with Spirulina Cream

Chocolate-Pistachio Cookies with a fantastic blue frosting thanks to blue spirulina. Spirulina is famous for its powerful plant-based protein called phycocyanin and is also a probiotic! Pistachios are loaded with fiber, minerals, unsaturated fat, and an amazing source of melatonin!

$5.5 each, dozen minimum

Chocolate Cookies with Raspberries

Another chocolate Love… with signature chocolate frosting and freeze-dried raspberries or strawberries. Keep them in the freezer and enjoy them anytime! Made with Belgian chocolate, pasture-raised eggs, and grass-fed butter.

$5.5 each, dozen minimum

Chocolate-Coconut Cookies

Made with almond flour, organic coconut flakes, and dark Belgian chocolate ganache frosting. Yum!

$5 each, dozen minimum

Chocolate Cookies with Truffle Cream

Made with almond flour, topped with bittersweet Belgian chocolate truffle cream.

$5 each, dozen minimum

Chocolate Brownies

One of the best sellers! Chewy inside with a thin crust and dark Belgian chocolate chunks on top – it can be enjoyed either chilled, warm, frozen, OR make a perfect addition to a scoop of ice-cream!

$5.5 each, minimum 9