Every cupcake is a MINI CAKE with filling, a cream cup, and assorted decor!

All cupcakes have a gluten-free option at NO additional cost. Always making your life sweet!

Made with organic dairy and wheat flour, pasture-raised eggs, and grass-fed butter.

Peanut, Corn, Soy, Palm, and Vegetable oil FREE.


* CHOCOLATE or VANILLA cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling, chocolate or vanilla cream cup, and chocolate chunks or berries on top

* CHOCOLATE cupcakes with caramel sauce, caramel cream cup, and chocolate drizzle

* CHOCOLATE-COFFEE cupcakes with coffee-infused cream cup

* CARROT cupcakes with caramel sauce, cream cheese frosting, and pecans on top

* SPINACH cupcakes with lemon filling, vanilla cream, and freeze-dried berries on top

$72 per dozen or $42 for half a dozen