I love this cake on Pinterest, can you make the same for me?

Being a Chef is like being an artist. I work in my style and with ingredients that work the best. While some adjustments can be made, I do not make kids’ themed cakes (they normally contain lots of artificial colors), do not pipe on the cake (aka vintage style and flowers). There are tons of those cakes on the market. I work with wafer paper, isomalt, and chocolate ganache. Simplicity and uniqueness are my motto.

Can you make a “Red Velvet” cake?

“Red Velvet” contains an artificial color. Actually, a LOT of red color is added to make the dessert look red. NO “natural Mother Nature” color can make the cake look red. Most natural powders and colors cannot handle the temperatures remaining the same. If you are looking for a “red cake”, a mousse cake can be an alternative. Most artificial colors are already restricted in the state of California and also in Europe!

Why you do not charge extra for gluten-free desserts?

For some people gluten-free is a necessary thing while for some is a healthier food option. While I understand more and more people cannot tolerate gluten, the problem is not just in gluten but in a diet in general. There are relatively few products that contain gluten and keep in mind, that gluten-containing ingredients are normally a small percentage of a recipe, and increasing the price is the marketing thing. At The Thorough, there is NO surcharge for ANY gluten-free desserts. I respect your choice.

Can you make “Vegan Vanilla Cake?”

Yes and No. There is NO problem with making vanilla sponge cake, but there is quite an issue with frosting and making it with good ingredients. Most vegan alternatives on the market contain soy, cashew, and palm oils that I avoid at all costs as they are the main immune disruptors and cause a leaky gut. I care about recipes and what you consume. All ingredients have passed strict control, that’s why the company name is The Thorough. Every Vegan cake should be a good addition to your diet!

Are your gluten-free desserts celiac-safe?

Despite everything possible being made to prevent cross-contamination from my side, the answer is NO. Unless this is a dedicated kitchen, no one can claim so. When it says ‘celiac safe”‘ you should keep in mind, that the baking process starts with buying the ingredients. Most of the ingredients marked Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Vegan have a note “made at the facility that processes tree nuts and wheat”. IT STARTS FROM SUPPLIER and often sells on the same shelves with wheat and nuts.

Can you make a cake for 2-3 people?

The cake is always a cake. It takes time to bake, assemble, and finish. The smallest cake is for 4-5 people for the bestseller 2023 – Honey Cake.

Can you make cake for more than 10 people?

Most of the cakes can be any size and have multiple tiers. Exception – mousse cakes made in silicon molds.

How much do you charge for a cake?

Depending on the type and the size of the dessert the price will start at $7.5 per person for a cake, $5 and up for the cupcake. You cannot beat this price in Charleston, with the ingredients used in recipes. Organic, pasture-raised, and grass-fed always go up in price.

Do you charge differently for custom cakes?

The answer is yes. Choosing the cake from the menu or developing your flavor will reflect a different labor in the process. Every cake is not just a sum of the ingredients, but how much time spent creating it, including adding new labels.

Do you charge extra for wedding cakes?

Yes and no. The cake is a cake. Following the new modern simplicity style on wedding venues, if you choose to have a small cake from a menu decorated with a few flowers, it is still just a “regular” cake for me + flower decoration, at no extra charge for you for a “wedding event”! Two and three-tier cakes are calculated per serving size. Why? Because it is always a lot of correspondence, phone calls, and other negotiations till we get to the final idea.

Ok, why is tier cake more expensive?

While it seems to be one cake on top of another, it is a new structure and labor involved on my side, as well as components to make the cake tall and steady. Please keep in mind, that some three or more tier cakes most likely will be assembled at the venue.

What if I only want to decorate my cake with real flowers?

Great question! Cakes decorated with flowers look gorgeous, nothing can beat Nature! However, I see how widely people use toxic flowers for cakes, that should NOT have happened! In 2024 in the UK there will be a new law regarding the use of flowers on cakes. Because it is not as simple as it seems to be. The decorating process involves washing, drying, and isolating the flowers properly before inserting them into the cake. While it looks easy and natural on the outside, real flowers are always decent work from the inside. This includes dry flowers. Trust me, I LOVE the look of ranunculus on the cake, but please, let’s be thorough!

I want to buy one cupcake, can I?

Yes, when I offer this flavor in Sample Box from time to time.