This section refers to the sweets made with no lectins (= no gluten) and with no sugar added. Lectin-free flours (ex., cassava, tapioca, arrowroot, sorghum, millet) are resistant starches that become food for our gut bodies, which they LOVE! Lectin-free flours also include almond, coconut, and hazelnut flours. There are various sweeteners used for different recipes: monk fruit, erythritol, inulin, and allulose. Despite different tastes and functions, they share one thing in common: they act as prebiotics and do NOT spike blood sugar.

Having desserts without sugar is exciting, but please be aware, that the taste and texture of the sweets may be different. If you already have those sweeteners and flours in your diet, great! If you are new to this diet, you may need some time to adjust your taste buds.

Always organic flour and dairy, pasture-raised eggs, and grass-fed butter.

Peanut, Corn, Soy, Palm, and Vegetable oil FREE.

Profiterole Cake “Indulgence”

I haven’t met a person in my life who would not like profiterols (also eclairs, or choux pastry)! Who can resist these lovely cream puffs!?

Made with signature organic lectin-free mix, filled with sundae cream, made of organic dairy and pasture-raised eggs, deep into a freshly brewed chocolate glaze made with Belgian cocoa… Indulge chill, cool, or frozen, the cake is delicately sweet and will keep your energy level intact!

$130 (16 profiteroles, serves 12-16 people) $8.1-10.8 per serving

Decoration may vary (fresh or freeze-dried berries depending on availability)


Made with 100% Organic Japanese Matcha Tea Powder from a trusted source for many years. Matcha tea is very high in antioxidants (especially catechin) that help stabilize harmful free radicals. 

Every cookie boosts your energy level and brain function through its caffeine and antioxidant content. Research has shown that having matcha every day in your diet results in a noticeable mood boost. How great is that? Matcha also increases metabolism and fat burning, lowers blood pressure, and promotes skin health.

$30 per dozen, or $50 per two dozens


Blue Butterfly Pea Powder is another powerful source of antioxidants (anthocyanin), and what a great bright blue color! Made with organic powder and organic almond extract for a slight amaretto flavor. Those cookies are getting more and more popular. No wonder they look so cute while they are so tasty! 

Made with monk fruit and erythritol as a sweetener, organic flaxseeds for fiber, and almond flour, which also is a great source of proteins, omega fatty acids, and vitamins.

$30 per dozen, or $50 per two dozens


It is created:

– knowledgeably, using a scientific approach;  

– specifically, helping your body thrive; 

– undoubtedly, making your life sweet!

The Brownie Bomb is not another “healthy” bar. A dozen of the best ingredients are turned into a real nutritious BOMB! More here

How to indulge? Warm, cool, or frozen for perfect chocolate crisps! 

$55 for a box 0f 9

Chocolate Cake “Experimental”

Variation of Ultimate Chocolate cake made with organic lectin-free flour mix, bitter-sweet chocolate ganache, and truffles.

$100 for 8 inches cake (serves up to 10 people) $10 per serving

$180 for 10 inches cake (serves up to 20 people) $9 per serving

Decoration may slightly vary.