Refined Sugar-Free

Desserts you may feel good about!

Russian Honey Cake “Medovik” Classic

One of the most famous cakes in Russia was born in the 19th century in the Russian Empire to impress the Royal family.

It is made with raw, unfiltered honey and organic coconut sugar that brings a rich aroma and fantastic color to the cake. We love delicately sweet cream frosting that softens sweetness and turns the cake into a fluffy honey cloud.

$50 6 inches cake (serves up to 5 people), $10 per serving

$85 for 8 inches (serves up to 10 people), $8.5 per serving

$120 for 10 inches (serves up to 15 people), $8 per serving

Chocolate Cake “Experimental”

Variation of Ultimate Chocolate cake made with the lectin-free flour mix, bitter-sweet chocolate ganache, erythritol, and monk fruit as a sweetener.

We added chocolate cream to make it even more chocolate. Bitter truffles are another reason to have this cake on your dessert table!

$90 for 6 inches cake (8-10 people)

Chocolate-Coconut Cookies

Refined sugar-free, made with almond flour, coconut flakes, cocoa butter, and 100% dark Belgian chocolate ganache frosting. Yum!

$5 each, minimum 6

Mini Almond Sandwich “Yum-Yum”

Once you try Almond Yum, you will crave them! Bitter-sweet, made with almond flour, erythritol/monk fruit sweetener, and 100% dark Belgian chocolate – these sandwiches are a great source of polyphenols!

$9 each, minimum 4

Chocolate Cookies with Ganache Frosting

Refined sugar-free, made with almond flour, covered with bittersweet Belgian chocolate ganache frosting.

$5 each, minimum 6