Signature Cakes

When I created MyOrganicBakery (now The Thorough) several years ago, I told myself that I would find a way to make organic cakes bright and colorful. Since I banned artificial colors, I couldn’t take many orders because I was firm with my concept- Mother Nature ONLY.

Even though my Everyday Cakes became very popular throughout Charleston and even in Charlotte(!), it was a struggle to make them look festive until now.
Please welcome my very own design that follows the concept and truly represents me- passionate and natural in every way!
Fully from scratch, colored with organic powders, the decoration is edible (it is crispy and has a slight flavor of the powder it is made with). Not saying you will enjoy it more than a cake… but this is the first decoration that actually can benefit you (powders are quite a good source of healthy nutrients)! Always non-toxic or edible flowers (assortment may vary depending on the color palette), yet for decorative purposes only, and up to you to add it or not. Every cake is unique either way. 
All cakes come in a clear box and can make a perfect gift.


It is at least 6 inches tall plus decoration and can be done in 6-8-10 diameters to accommodate your party. Every cake is one-of-a-kind. Soul made.

@ Natalia Akst