The Concept

The Concept

Welcome to The Thorough, the first dessert company who uses science, chemistry and magic to make sweets!

We started as organic bakery (MyOrganicBakery), it was the first step to bring a healthy lifestyle to the world of desserts. We know for sure that organic ingredients taste better, that’s why our cakes found so many lovers!

Being on this path for a long time, much has been learned about food and how it affects our body and our energy level. We continue to create proprietary recipes and unique texture combination for classy desserts which you will not find anywhere else. Inspiration – is our Cookbook!

What has changed?

We still use organic ingredients to make desserts mouth-watering! However, we use natural powders only for food coloring, we prefer A2 milk to the most common casein A1 milk, even if it’s organic, we would choose butter from grass-fed cows and pasture-raised eggs from certain farms. We are peanut free and run away from palm, soy and other vegetable oils toward avocado, virgin olive, coconut or walnut oils!

We create desserts from scratch for any occasion and for people with different diets. Gluten-Free – sure! All our cookies and brownies are gluten and lectin free. All sponge and fluffy cakes have gluten free options as well. We make gluten-free cakes and cupcakes at no additional fee!

All desserts are delicately sweet. We intentionally use sugar in moderation, just enough to enhance the flavors. We are deliberately developing refined sugar free menu. Our vegan assortment is growing. Why we do not have many options at this time? Because we do not use vegan alternatives and only make desserts with pure ingredients that your gut will love.

The Thorough is a creative and modern dessert company, where chemistry along with passion bring together harmony and unique results.

Ready to indulge?