The Story

I remember our big kitchen, and at the age of 5 years old, desperately asking my mom to make bonbons from waffles… the Italian ones with a crispy layer and soft filling. So she scrambled this filling, made them into balls, and rolled them in waffle crumbs. 

It seems very easy to make, but going back to being a 5-year-old child, was Magical! Unbelievable, fascinating, breathtaking magic! I remember my Birthday cake which Mom prepared, and we had two different types, switching them every year. One of them was named “Natasha.” 
My Mom always told me, “If it’s easy to make, then you are an easy person!”
This is how we ‘estimated’ my behavior during the year!
This cake was the best I’ve ever eaten, and we made it big, so I was ecstatic with leftovers for a couple more days.
We did not have an electric mixer in those days, so my Mom beat the egg whites by hand… can you imagine? Nowadays, you still learn this important process in any culinary school.

All of these culinary experiments and the smell of yummy food from scratch my Mom made, still are so vivid in my mind! When grew up I of course happily continued to do the same. I have always been the person people ask, “Do you, by chance, have any treats?” And, with 99% certainty, I would say, “Yes!”

Thank you, Mama! And special thanks to those who inspire me!

Natalia Akst