We are deliberately working on our vegan assortment and adding new desserts step by step.

Why we do not have too many options at this time? Because we do not use vegan alternatives and only make desserts from scratch.


Blue Sky Amaretti Cookies (GF)

Made with almond flour and organic blue butterfly pea powder, those are rich in antioxidants, boost energy level, increase productivity and much more!

$17 per dozen


Matcha Boost Cookies (GF)

Special edition for our matcha lovers! Those pretty green almond cookies have a combination of organic Japanese matcha green tea and delicate vanilla flavor.

$17 per dozen


Amaretti Cookies (GF)

Classic Italian almond cookies with rich almond flavor are now available in vegan option!

$15 per dozen


Chocolate Brownie Pie (GF)

We use our best brownie recipe and cover it with generous layer of chocolate ganache frosting, decorated with freeze-dried berries. This pie-style vegan cake was initially created for Stefan Lessard of the Dave Matthews Band during their visit in Charleston June 4th 2023 and became very popular since then!

$75 for 8 inches (serves 8-10 people)

*berries assortment may vary


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Chocolate Truffle Cake “Universal”

Rich, moist, vegan chocolate sponge cake made with Belgian cocoa, has two generous layers of chocolate ganache (made of dark Belgian chocolate), decorated with chocolate truffles. GF option is also available upon request.

Starts $75 for 6 inch (8-10 people)


Chocolate Brownies (GF)

One of the best sellers! These vegan brownies are chewy inside with a thin crust and dark Belgian chocolate chunks on top – can be enjoyed warm, cool or frozen. Stock your freezer and feel free to treat yourself anytime!

$40 for a box of 9